2020 Budget: Why Nigerians should not celebrate – Ukweni

The Head of Chamber, Mba Ukweni and Associates, Ntufam Mba Ukweni, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) on Thursday, counseled Nigerians against celebrating the presentation of the 2020 budget proposal by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ntufam Mba, who spoke with Newsmen, lamented the non-implementation of the previous and other budgets in the country. He regretted that Nigerians have seen several lofty budgets being churned out but implementation had always being a major challenge.

“We have always had budget, it is not the proposal that is usually our problem in Nigeria, it is the implementation of those budgets, whichever way you look at it, most of the budgets presented by various governments in Nigeria have always come up with lofty ideas.

“But you discovered that, in most cases, over 10% of the budgets are not usually implemented every year. How do you expect the economy to grow?

“If the budgets are implemented to the later, then, there will be a turnaround in the economy, social lives of the people will change, the educational sector will improve; even in the security system will take shape.

“But the problem we fine in Nigeria is that the budget is presented to the National Assembly and passed, you hardly see concrete thing being done to bring it into effective implementation and usefulness to the citizens that is our major concern.

“It becomes a routine, that every year the President presents the budget, every year, the Governor presents the budget but come and look at it, it is the same situation that you found on ground, even if not worse and you start asking, what is happening with the budget that are being churned out every year to move the country forward, where are they, that is usually our the surprises of most of us.

“For not sounding pessimistic, we don’t see much being done than what we have before, but from the positive side and optimistic point of view, we should pray that there should be a change and the budget implemented,” he prayed.

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